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Vocational Nurse Pre-Requisite Classes

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VN Pre-Requisite Registration will open on January 5, 2022

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CAE VN Pre-Requisite Classes


VN Pre-Requisite Classes Online Class Information:

2021 VN Pre Req CLASS INFO for Students 09-03-2021.pdf
2021 VN Pre-Req CLASS INFO for Student 09-03-2021.rtf

VN Pre-Requisite Class Schedule:

Fall 2021 VN Pre-Requisite Class Schedule.pdf
Fall 2021 Pre-Requisite Class Schedule_RTF.rtf


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Nursing and Allied Health TEXTBOOK INFO:

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Vocational Nurse Pre-requisite Classes

The following classes are required and provide a foundation of knowledge necessary to enter and be successful in CAE's Vocational Nurse program.
These classes are offered 3 times a year in January, May and September. 

  • The VN Pre-Requisite classes expire after 5 year.
  • All classes must be pass at a 78% or higher to be eligible for the VN Program.
  • All classes MUST be COMPLETE before submitting a VN Application.

Medical Math
  • Equivalent to Intermediate Algebra
  • 15 classes
  • 45 hours of instruction
  • Book required
Medical Terminology
  • 15 classes
  • 45 hours of instruction
  • Book required
Anatomy and Physiology
  • 15 classes
  • 60 hours of instruction
  • Book required
VN Prep
  • 12 classes
  • 36 hours of instruction
  • No book required
  • 11 classes
  • 33 hours of instruction
  • Book required
In addition, you must also have the following to be considered for the VN program:
  • Be an ACTIVE Certified Nurse Assistant
  • Provide proof of at least 350 hours of employment as a CNA
For more information on CAE Nurse Assistant class, call 559-327-2881

  • Request official Transcripts in a sealed envelope from the school of attendance and submit them to the Nursing and Allied Health Office to see if they qualify for transfer credit.
  • Books are NOT included in the class fee.
  • Books are available for purchase in the Administration Building.
  • Books are not refundable.

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